SQS2 Characteristics

The SQS2 device analyses more than 1000 boar sperm cells in less than 1 minute.

Each boar semen analysis measures the following parameters: total number of spermatozoa, concentration, viability, useful spermatozoa, abnormal sperm cells, sperm agglutination and recommended number of doses to be produced.

The semen analysis device is made up of a fluorescence microscopy-based sperm counter with a high-resolution CMOS camera, a high-power blue LED, and an advanced computerized vision system.

SQS2 functionalities are extended through its semen production server, the SQSLab, which allows you to track and trace boar semen production and its information at each stage of the production process.

C/ Calibre, 121
28400 Collado-Villalba
Madrid, SPAIN


Phone: +34 91 850 42 32
Mail: info@sqs2.com

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Phone: +34 91 850 42 32
Mail: info@sqs2.com

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